In-Home Film Session – Kieran + Glenn

When I started shooting film, I was so overwhelmed with all the “buttons” and the “settings”. It was so much more to learn than digital and to be honest, I can see why people don’t stay with it or they just use presets. But, I hope this in-home film session gives you the motivation to keep trying and not just rely on presets. Film is also the art of knowing light, science, and how they all work together.

But, I am happy to report, that with time, lots of YouTube videos, and trial and error, I feel so much more secure with film. Film is the soul of photography. It just has that look. It’s something that I truly believe can’t be completely replicated.

With Kieran and Glenn, we did an in-home film session, which was so intimate because we were in their space. They added a few of their favorite adult drinks and we had the best time. When I say “we chilled”, I mean “we CHILLED”. It gave the session that true documentary feel and Kieran and Glenn could just be themselves. I used my Nikon F5 paired with Portra 400 film; a pair that you won’t regret. It’s also my “go to” film for wedding days.

Whenever I walked in their house, I immediately felt that cozy vibe that makes in-home film sessions so rich and creamy. The candle on the coffee table was so fun to shoot through…see photo three. At one point, I told Glenn to pick up Kieran and swing her around….we barely missed the refrigerator LOL!

But overall, I have to say my favorite part of K and G’s in-home film session was towards the end when they were slow dancing together. I can see them about 90, sitting on the same couch, flipping through old film scans of the two of them dancing. That is what film is all about. It’s about giving the present that emotional nostalgic feel. I’m into it and I hope you are too.

Emily Liz Photographya documentary-style wedding photography team from Dallas, Texas.


If you’re in search of an experience tailored to you and your fiance, you’re in the right place. We believe every couple deserves a wedding unlike any other and a photographer who walks alongside them every step of the way. You’re an original copy, so let’s create something that is uniquely yours. Our documentary and photojournalistic approach will ensure that you can live your day with minimal interruptions. 

We specialize in getting the moments that are unplanned. No awkward posing or formulated fake moments. We know you want the real.



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