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Hello, sunshine! Whether I'm the first photographer or the 50th photographer that you have reached out to for your wedding day, you can finally take a deep breath and relax. Storytelling through raw and emotional photography is what makes my heart beat fast for you. I don't subscribe to doing what everyone else is doing. I make your photo journey completely yours. So, take your shoes off, grab some coffee, and talk to me about what you're thinking. You're home.

I'm Emily,
Your Wedding Photographer

As a Photography Coordinator and second shooter, I serve many roles. I often think of myself as the dress-fluffer, the extra hand, the "other angle", and the one catching details you never even knew existed. I not only help Emily throughout the wedding day coordinating and shooting, but you can always count on me to be your biggest hype-woman! As a past ELP bride, I know what it's like to be in your shoes...and that's pretty unique!

I'm Tori,
ELP's Photography Coordinator + Second Shooter

Let's do this!

Salt Lake City, UT
Big Sur, Cali
St. John's Bridge, OR

Hotel Havana
Barr Mansion
Big Cedar Lodge

Gruene Estates
Ice Plant Building
Lazy S Hacienda

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