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Hello, sunshine! Whether I'm the first photographer or the 50th photographer that you have reached out to for your wedding day, you can finally take a deep breath and relax. Storytelling through raw and emotional photography is what makes my heart beat fast for you. I don't subscribe to doing what everyone else is doing. I make your photo journey completely yours. So, take your shoes off, grab some coffee, and talk to me about what you're thinking. You're home.

I'm Emily,
Your Wedding Photographer

As a Photography Coordinator, I serve many roles. I often think of myself as the dress-fluffer, the extra hand, and your biggest hype-woman. Ultimately, I take care of whatever is needed to allow Emily to focus more on documenting your wedding day. I lend attention to the details outside of the camera so Emily can focus on the details through the camera. 

I'm Tori,
ELP's Photography Coordinator

Salt Lake City, UT
Big Sur, Cali
St. John's Bridge, OR

Hotel Havana
Barr Mansion
Big Cedar Lodge

Gruene Estates
Ice Plant Building
Lazy S Hacienda

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