Hello, sunshine! Whether I'm the first photographer or the 50th photographer that you have reached out to for your wedding day, you can finally take a deep breath and relax. Storytelling through raw and emotional photography is what makes my heart beat fast for you. I don't subscribe to doing what everyone else is doing. I make your photo journey completely yours. So, take your shoes off, grab some coffee, and talk to me about what you're thinking. You're home. 

Hey there, I’m your photographer, Emily Pittman.


After being an elementary school teacher, I was determined to further my career as a school principal. I had never imagined doing anything else, but I wasn’t happy. I felt like God was showing me there was something better out there for me. 

At that time, photography was a hobby, but one photo led me to pursue a different path. During my wedding, my 92-year-old grandmother got up and briefly danced in a circle with my cousins. Thankfully, my photographer was able to capture the special moment before it was over. That was one of the last pictures ever taken of her.

That fleeting point in time that wasn’t on the shot list changed the trajectory of my life forever. It taught me that the moment after the moment is special. Those candid photos we otherwise wouldn’t recall deserve to be preserved. Years from now, I want your day to be anything but a blur. 

How I went from a school principal in the making to a full-fledged photographer.

I’m a new wife and mother to two fur babies. Funny thing is, I was an ELP bride! My favorite thing about my job is being the hype man in the background - the longest and most enthusiastic “YASSS” will come from this girl. I am here to cheer you on (and Emily) and make sure things run smoothly. 

Hey there, I’m her photography coordinator, Tori Worsham.


 You get a built-in photography team so that everything runs smoothly.

We are so honored to serve you on such a big day! Thank you!
em & tori

1. Em tried out for The Voice in Nashville!

2. TOri interned with Dallas Homicide Unit...Cool!

3. Em loves old pictures and film!

4. Tori was an emily liz bride before she coordinated for emily!

5. em has dreams of adopting someday!

Five things you might not know about Em & Tori:

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