+ Dallas | Documentary Wedding Photographer, Emily
+ In-house Second Shooter & Photography Coordinator, Tori
+ Photojournalistic approach for an uninterrupted wedding
+ Classic & Touch of Old School
+ 35 mm Film
+ Super 8 Film Video




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Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Dallas, Texas

We are storytellers...

If you’re in search of an experience tailored to you and your fiance, you’re in the right place. We believe every couple deserves a wedding unlike any other and a photographer who walks alongside them every step of the way. You’re an original copy, so let’s create something that is uniquely yours. Our documentary and photojournalistic approach will ensure that you can live your day with minimal interruptions. 

We specialize in getting the moments that are unplanned. No awkward posing or formulated fake moments. We know you want the real




Emily Liz Photography, a documentary-style wedding photography team from Dallas, Texas.

You know that one person that brightens up the room the second they walk in? That’s us. Joy is what we live by.

The true satisfaction of being your wedding photography team is seeing the joy of your love story come alive. Our hope is that every time you grab your album, you and your loved ones can relive the day one photo at a time. 

Unique to the Dallas wedding industry, we offer an in-house second shooter and photography coordinator position that insures your day is completely on track.

No matter the situation, we find the joy in everything.

About Us


We tell the story from start to finish. From the flower girl peeking around the corner watching you put on your dress, to grandma laughing in the buffet line, to walking through a golden field at sunset, getting the in between moments in conjunction with the planned ones, means that you have the full story. 

We hope that you choose to have minimal interruptions built into your day so that it doesn't feel like a show, but YOUR wedding day. Live each moment and soak it all in because it will be over in a flash! When you come home from your honeymoon, you'll be greeted with those sweet sneak peeks that will be sure to stir up those wedding day feels again. It'll feel like a movie.

 Thank you for considering us to be your wedding photography team. 

WE LOVE capturing those one of a kind moments.

We believe in the one of a kind romance, that deep love story.

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