Engagement Shoot Quick Guide + Where to Start

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Engagement Outfits + Engagement Shoot Quick Tips

This is an Engagement Shoot Quick Guide and list of helpful ideas so that you have a great engagement session!

When you are in front of the camera, you want to feel like yourself. I always recommend wearing an outfit/s that make you feel amazing! Keep the patterns to a minimum and make sure that you choose an outfit that compliments your body type.

Keep outfits simple. Sometimes the more complicated you make it, the more uncomfortable you will be during your shoot. Wear something that fits correctly to minimize pulling and tugging and rearranging.

When choosing your outfit and your partner’s outfit, make sure that they compliment each other well. You can see that Hayley and Ross didn’t wear the exact same colors, but the neutrals they chose work well together.

Engagement photos are hopefully going to be printed out and displayed around your home, so I always recommend choosing outfits that will stand the test of time. Super trendy can quickly become just that…a trend.

The engagement shoot below was shot at Murrell Park in Dallas by me, Emily Liz Photography.

Location + Engagement Shoot Quick Tips

Here are a few thoughts about choosing a location for your engagement shoot. Choose a location that you are excited about! If you love nature, pick a place with beautiful scenery. If you love a downtown vibe, then choose that! The biggest tips that I have with locations are here below:

-Choose a location that will not be overrun with people. If you do, have realistic expectations that there could be other people in your photos. (State Fair, Carnival, Highly populated downtown area)

-Some locations require a permit, parking fees, rental fees, etc. Make sure you work with your photographer to make sure those fees are accounted for before hand.

-Choose a safe area

Quick Tips + Engagement Shoot Quick Tips

-Add 30 minutes buffer to the drive to the location of your shoot…rushing will make you super tense.

-Don’t arrive hungry or thirsty to your engagement shoot…hit that Whataburger!

-Plan ahead with outfits (try them on, iron them the day before, lay out jewelry, etc.) to minimize the chances of arguing with your honey on the way to your engagement shoot or forgetting something!

-Before your shoot, have an adult beverage to loosen up. Trust me, it really helps especially if you are nervous about your shoot!! Of course, please be responsible.

2024-2025 Engagement Sessions

Emily Liz Photography is now booking 2024-2025 engagement sessions. We help you every step of the way!



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