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Branding Photography for Small Businesses


When you see a brand that you recognize, do you automatically say that brand name in your head? I do! I see the swish and I think “Nike!” But what is important to know is that a brand is not a logo. Yes, a logo and sub-logos are super important to distinguish your brand from the next, but a logo with no story is an empty picture. I am so glad you are here with me because I LOVE branding photography for small businesses, just like you!

Branding for your small business

When you have a brand ready to go, it’s time to get some photography that tells that story for your target audience to connect to. So, if you are a wedding photographer, during our session together, we will do some lifestyle headshots, some photos of you with your camera, some photos of you looking through a client album, and lots of fun and unique shots for your Instagram stories and posts! You want quality, but you also need quantity these days with the amount of social media connecting we are doing. Set up your branding photography session for your small business with me today!

Studio love

I highly recommend shooting your branding session in a studio! I love that we have a space that is versatile and allows for us to work with natural light, but also bring in some light if we need to! If we are outside, we are dealing with weather, people, and maybe a stray dog?! Regardless, on my website, I give you several studios that I recommend in my personal styling guide that you get when you book with me. If you want a sneak peak of one of my favorites, dive in here!

I also give you a list of items that you might bring to your branding session. Most people have NO clue what to bring, so with my experience and doing a branding shoot of my own brand, I do the tough work for you! In addition, I offer assistance with what you might wear. Send me outfit ideas and I’ll give you my thoughts. I love helping my clients from the beginning to the end so that their brand is ready to shine when we are done!

Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Cart

Headshots for small business branding

I always get asked about headshots. Yes, we will get plenty of headshots for your branding photography session for your small business. You will have a lot of different options to choose from. My approach to headshots is unique and different from a lot of photographers. I want people to see your headshot and immediately feel your personality. A headshot in front of a black screen doesn’t read the story of your brand very well. Check out my most recent set of headshots below. They are so fun!! Branding photography for small businesses get a new name with Emily Liz Photography. Let’s go!

My beautiful friend, Rachel!
Rachel, owner of Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Cart

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