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Hey, sweet friend. I’m Emily! I am a Dallas Ft. Worth intimate wedding photographer and I am so glad you are here for the launch of my new brand and website! My magic is capturing the candid moments during weddings that we often forget. Sure, the first kiss, the first dance, and other traditions are all significant, but what about what immediately follows each. I specialize in photographing all the moments in between because every second of your day is special.

Finding that person that does more than just capture your day, is a sweet find! I believe in the whole process, from inquiry to delivery of your incredible day. You will not just have a gorgeous gallery handed to you at the end, but you will get my very best from the moment you drop that line. I respect you as a client, but also as a new friend. I know that wedding photography is no small investment and I appreciate you trusting me with your precious time and money.

intimate wedding vow exchange in a private ceremony before the wedding
The Emerson Venue | Kaufman, Texas

This new journey as Emily Liz Photography has been a dream of mine for several years.

After being an elementary school teacher, I was determined to further my career as a school principal. I had never imagined doing anything else, but I wasn’t happy. God told me there was something better out there for me. 

At that time, photography was a hobby, but one photo led me to pursue a different path. During my wedding, my 92-year-old grandmother got up and briefly danced in a circle with my cousins. Thankfully, my photographer was able to capture the special moment before it was over. That was one of the last pictures ever taken of her. 

That fleeting point in time that wasn’t on the shot list changed the trajectory of my life forever. It taught me that the moment after the moment is special. Those candid photos we otherwise wouldn’t recall deserve to be preserved. Years from now, I want your day to be anything but a blur. Anytime you’re flipping through your wedding album, you’ll always be able to relive each moment—big or small.

As an intimate wedding photographer, I enjoy a good backyard wedding or a ceremony in a greenhouse! I think with the past year being so tough, we have found some unique ways to scale down weddings and make them intimate, getting back to what a wedding is truly about.

I am not only an intimate wedding photographer, but I also have a second love; branding and lifestyle photography. One of my favorite parts of my business is helping other entrepreneurs uplevel their business with professional photography. Investing in brand photography is a massive asset for attracting your ideal clients. My lifestyle approach is guaranteed to leave you with imagery that perfectly represents you and your business.

Friend, I am so thankful you are here. If you are looking for an intimate wedding photographer or branding photographer that does it right, then head on over to my contact page. Let’s GO!

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