Morgan & Jeff’s Lively Engagement at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Tx


When They Met

Morgan and Jeff’s story began in November of 2020, during the peak of the pandemic that shook the world.  

It was at this time that God placed a strong desire in Morgan’s heart to find a partner who shared her Christian faith and sought after the Lord the way she did. Her previous relationships did not align with her personal beliefs or values. Morgan was done with shallow romance and she was ready to find the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

After the shelter-in-place mandates lifted and people began finding their way back into the world,  she found it difficult to meet new folks outside of her circle. Although she was hesitant, she decided to give online dating a try.

And that’s when she first laid eyes on Jeff!

One profile that stood out to her immediately began with the words “I love Jesus.” The blurbs that followed showed that she had much in common with Jeff. And when she moved on to his pictures, the spark was immediate! They began a conversation and quickly found that they shared the same sense of humor, consisting of nerdy data analytics and niche inside jokes that made for an instant connection. It wasn’t long before they went on their first date to a coffee shop in Richardson where they got lost in hours of easy conversation.

Their date ended with Jeff walking Morgan to her car and asking on a second date right then and there.

13 months later, they found themselves enjoying a cup of coffee after Jeff asked Morgan to be his for the rest of their lives. 

The Proposal

Morgan and Jeff dated for a blissful 13 months that were filled with joy, adventure, and time spent with loved ones on both sides. They met Morgan’s new niece, tumbled in the snow with puppies (score!), and were blessed to be travel buddies as they explored new places, hand-in-hand.

One tragedy that rocked their world was the loss of Paxton, Jeff’s sweet husky, to cancer. It was a terrible loss and more difficult than words can describe, but they were able to make it to the other side of their grief because they had each other.

A little over a year after they became official, Jeff planned a surprise for Morgan that the two would never forget!

He had an Uber usher them to a secret destination and gifted Morgan a cozy blanket she would need later on in the evening. They arrived at Lake Carolyn and went on a romantic Gondola ride on the water—which she mentioned to him was a dream of hers since she missed out on the experience while she traveled to Italy.

After sipping hot chocolate and sharing a lunch together, the two snuggled under Morgan’s new blanket and enjoyed the scenery around them. They saw a stunning waterfall up close and then turned to head back to where they had started. The man steering the Gondola noticed a glass bottle in the water and made a path to retrieve it in order to prevent the glass from damaging another boat.

But when Jeff grabbed the bottle, he opened it to reveal a letter which he handed to Morgan and she realized it was a love note Jeff had written to her about their relationship. When she looked up from the note, Jeff was on one knee holding a box with a custom ring he had designed especially for her.

Morgan didn’t have to think twice. The answer was “Yes!”

The rest of the day was spent taking photos, drinking coffee at “their” coffee shop, and celebrating with a surprise party Jeff planned for their engagement.

Calling it a night to remember would be an understatement!

The Engagement Shoot

I had the honor of photographing Morgan and Jeff’s engagement photos at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve during Golden Hour. It’s a stunning location for any photoshoot because of the open field, endless greenery, and the added magic of a vivid sunset as the backdrop for a beautiful couple!

The simplicity of the location and their chosen outfits were the perfect way to keep the lovely couple the focus of each portrait. One set of outfits were casual—just jeans and sweaters to keep it cozy and comfortable. The other set of outfits were more polished, with Morgan wearing a flowing green dress and Jeff wearing a dress shirt. As a photographer, I love having the opportunity to capture two different sides of the couples I am privileged to work with.

The best part of this engagement shoot was the energy! We had a blast shooting together because Morgan and Jeff weren’t afraid to experiment with different poses. The piggy back ride was my personal favorite and it made the occasion an experience in and of itself, and not a chore to check off their to-do list. It goes to show that when you partner an excited couple with the right photographer, it will feel amazing from start to finish!

I can’t wait to capture their elopement at the Grand Canyon! Morgan and Jeff’s dreamy engagement shoot feels like a sneak peek of the lively and intimate wedding that is to come.

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