Melissa & Kyle’s Grand Engagement at McKinney Flour Mill in McKinney, TX


When They Met

Melissa and Kyle met in college, but their love story didn’t begin then and there.

In fact, the two simply did not get along!

They met because Kyle was friends with Melissa’s cousin but neither thought much of the other at the time. They went their separate ways and never imagined the role they would eventually play in each other’s lives. 

But fate had other ideas for these two lovebirds. Kyle moved in with Melissa’s cousin and the two kept bumping into each other at parties and family gatherings. They were friendly, kept their distance, and it took the big 2021 Texas snowstorm to knock some sense into Kyle’s head!

One day, Kyle and Melissa’s cousin were hanging out in their living room when he dared to ask, “Do you know if Melissa is single?”

And once that idea was out in the open, the two planned and plotted a grand road trip to Dallas to give Kyle the opportunity to get to know Melissa and shoot his shot! He planned to flirt with Melissa in front of her dad, nonetheless.

It turns out that Melissa didn’t need much convincing. They had a wonderful time during their trip together, so the plan worked like a charm. The rest is history and we now know that these two were meant to be together all along.

It goes to show that love will find a way. Just give it some time!

The Proposal

Melissa and Kyle’s first date was at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and their second date was at an Italian restaurant called Maggianos.

At the beginning of January, Kyle could not stop talking about bringing her back to the museum so they could enjoy the new impressionists exhibit and then share a meal at Maggianos to end the day. He was insistent on planning this particular date before the end of the month—even though the exhibit was on display until March—so Melissa agreed and the plans were set!

During the week leading up to the date, Melissa became suspicious and mentioned to her best friend that she was almost certain that Kyle was planning to propose at the museum. Her friend convinced her that he didn’t have a ring yet, so it was unlikely, but encouraged her to enjoy the day with her loved ones since her cousin and her cousin’s girlfriend would be joining.

Basically, she was told not to get her hopes up. Little did she know, the plan was already in motion!

After eating at Maggianos, the group went to the museum to see the exhibit Kyle seemed so excited about. But instead of heading to the eagerly-anticipated exhibit first like Melissa thought they would, their group back-tracked through the entire museum to save the best for last.

When they finally made their way to see the impressionist works, Kyle sneakily retrieved the engagement ring from Melissa’s cousin. He then led Melissa into a quiet room beside the library. Then, surrounded by beautiful stained glass and ivory artwork, he dropped to one knee and said, “Melissa, will you officially make me the happiest man on earth?”

One heartbeat later, a stunned Melissa said, “Yes,” and that marked the next chapter of their lifelong adventure. 

The Engagement Shoot

What I loved most about taking Melissa and Kyle’s engagement photos was the opportunity to use their future wedding venue as the backdrop. It’s not often that a couple gets to enjoy the same location twice and for this couple, it was perfect!

The grand, high ceilings were stunning and the overabundance of natural light was dreamlike. The airiness and rustic nature of the venue was lovely, through and through. But the best part of all was the happy couple and the sweet, funny moments they enjoyed between and during each shot I captured.

Although Melissa and Kyle were a little nervous at first, they quickly warmed up to the camera with a pinch of encouragement. Because I shoot a lot of weddings and engagements at the McKinney Flour Mill, I’m extremely comfortable and familiar with the venue which makes it easier to work with couples who may not be as comfortable in front of the camera. My favorite trick of the session was telling Kyle in secret to sneak up to Melissa, pick her up, and twirl her around. The shot was priceless!

All in all, it was a wonderful time. Yes, the photos are grand and beautiful. Yes, the portraits are as breathtaking as Melissa and Kyle are. But the best part of the shoot was the experience itself. Time flies when you’re having fun with the person you love most in the world and it was a great honor to be the person catching each moment on film!

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