Maritza & Chris’ Wedding at the Victory Arts Center in Ft. Worth, TX


When They Met

A few years ago, Maritza and Chris met on set for a music video. Little did they know, Maritza’s sister invited her to the set for the sole purpose of introducing them to one another, but to her disappointment, nothing came of it.

One day in September, Chris posted a photo he took on his Instagram story. Martiza reacted with a fire emoji (because it truly was a dope photo) and never expected a response. Well, Chris responded explaining the idea behind the photo and they’ve talked every day since!

A week later, the two went on a bike ride together. What was supposed to last 30 minutes turned into 3 hours of conversation and laughter that somehow ended too early. After months of date nights, day trips, and lazy evenings spent together, Chris decided to pop the question in such a sweet way. 

On July 11, 2021, Chris invited her to go on a photowalk to practice shooting film. He had shown her how to change the canisters and gave her a camera to try on her own. Upon opening the canister, Maritza found a gorgeous blue ring and he got down on one knee and proposed. To say there were tears was an understatement!

Chris proposed to Maritza by hiding her ring in a film canister which she later found when he offered to show her how to change the film on his camera.

The Special Day

On November 19, 2021, Maritza and Chris tied the knot at the Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth, Texas and it was a gorgeous day, from beginning to end!

The Victory Arts Center provided a crisp, clean backdrop for their wedding. Its high ceilings, bright interior, and classic architectural details were breathtaking. The venue was airy, romantic, but simple enough to keep the guest’s attention on the lovely couple for the entire day.

The ceremony celebrated their union while highlighting the beauty of two cultures coming together (Chris’ African American culture and Martiza’s Hispanic culture) to form a new, multicultural family. 

The reception was filled with traditional music, games, and dances from both sides, so everyone present had an amazing time! While everything came together perfectly, details weren’t a big deal because the focus was very Christ centered and family-oriented.

It was so fun and beautiful to witness two cultures meshing together!

The Moment After The Moment

There were a ton of sweet moments—like how in love and unbothered Maritza was where she didn’t even keep track of time because all she wanted to do was marry him. 

But the one that stood out to me the most (okay if I’m honest, it slayed me), was when they did a first prayer. Maritza and Chris didn’t get to see each other, but they held hands and Chris prayed for them. He got 3 words in before I was crying and for a moment, didn’t know how to work my camera. Witnessing this sweet moment with his hand on his chest and her weeping was truly one for the books. 

The Details

Cake: @heavenlytreatsonearth

DJ: @traened

Food: @tacosoasis 

Dress: @brilliantbridal

Floral: Courtesy of Maritza’s family

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