Leah & James’s Wedding at Lucky Spur Ranch in Justin, TX


When They Met

It all started in middle school through the youth program at their church. Leah and James were total opposites from the very beginning. He was quiet and more mature while she was loud and goofy. Though they knew each other, there was no interest on either side, even throughout their high school years.

During college, both Leah and James found spiritual mentors and began to grow in faith. After a breakup and her brother leaving home to get married, Leah found herself lonelier than ever before and leaned on her faith during this difficult time. James took this opportunity to comfort her and help her find new hobbies to fill her time.

At first, they went hiking together with different friend groups. Eventually, they began spending time together, just the two of them. This snowballed from friendship to courtship after James had asked her dad for his blessing to court her (and he said yes!). 

Through some ups and downs, Leah and James continued to grow in faith side-by-side and found that they were each others’ perfect complement. Both were head-over-heels and decided to spend the rest of their lives serving the Lord together.

The Special Day

On January 1, 2022, Leah and James got married at the Lucky Spur Ranch and it was a day everyone present will always remember!

The entire evening was centered around their shared faith and I can say for certain that I’ve never been to a wedding where two people couldn’t have cared less if the building burned down around them. All they cared about was getting married!

The ceremony was joy-filled, reverent, and classic. The atmosphere was an intimate one but all Leah and James could focus on was one another.

Leah’s dress was flowing and elegant, with lace sleeves and a lace veil that completed the bride’s perfect look. Paired with a handsome groom, the rustic venue, and florals that had a pop of red, the couple looked as if they had been pulled right out of a fairytale!

All-in-all, their wedding day was romantic, spiritual, and tender. Saying it was a pleasure to be a part of their special day is an understatement.

The Moment After The Moment

What I remember most about Leah and James’ special day was the feet washing ceremony they held after they said “I do.” It was their first act as man and wife and it was the most meaningful moment of the night.

Instead of a first dance, James washed Leah’s feet to signify his lifelong devotion to her. In the same way Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, James was proclaiming his commitment to serve Leah with a simple, humble act.

As a romantic at heart, this moved me more than I can say!

Another highlight of the evening were the couple portraits that we took in 13 degree weather. Even though it was absolutely freezing, Leah and James were determined to get their photos taken and had a blast!

Despite the cold and despite the pitch black of the sky outside, their couple portraits turned out to be so beautiful. The twinkling lights, the warm smiles, and the obvious affection between the newlyweds made for glowing portraits the two can look back on for the rest of their lives together.

The Details

Florist: Grateful Floral Event Design by Beth Sovoreign

Make-up Artist: Caroline Barksdale (student at Ogle beauty school)

Hair: Family friend- Shye Wirges

Cake: Family friend- Roxanne McGinn

Catering: Lucky Spur Ranch

Rentals: Sound Company- Sound Wagon Pro

Venue: Lucky Spur Ranch

Décor: Family friend- Melanie Stolfus

DJ: Family friends- Jamey and Alechia Lamm

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