Jennifer & Brad’s Wedding at The Mill in McKinney, TX


When They Met

This love story began when they were just kids—young, innocent, and a little mischievous. Their parents were best friends and spent a lot of time together, which meant that Jennifer and Brad were attached at the hip from an early age.

They became instantly close and would always make plans to escape their siblings—to escape the world, really—by sneaking away with each other. (It’s safe to say that not much has changed!) 

They didn’t know it at the time, but it was unconditional love blossoming from the magical touch of holding hands to the magnetic pull they felt when their lips touched for the first time in a dark closet mid-hide-and-seek. 

Over time, their bond deepened and they dated through high school but faced their first trials as a couple because of the distance. Navigating a long distant relationship was challenging and through a mix of wild emotions and heartbreak, they went their separate ways. Despite separating, they never forgot one another.

After 16 years of living separate lives, Brad sent Jennifer a letter. That first letter led to a regular exchange between the two that left Jennifer excited to check her mailbox day after day. Whenever she saw Brad’s name on an envelope, she felt like a kid again. 

The lovebirds exchanged lengthy, handwritten letters about anything and everything for 3 years before reuniting in person. And when they did, they made up for lost time quickly.

Within 4 years of reconnecting, they dated, moved in together, and got engaged.

The Special Day

On August 28, 2021, Jennifer and Brad tied the knot at The Mill at East McKinney in McKinney, Texas and that day was pulled right out of a storybook!

The venue was rustic, industrial, and the twinkling lights with dashes of greenery only added to the feeling of walking through a fairytale. 

What I loved most about their chosen venue was the airiness and openness that balanced out the masculinity of its industrial features. Because of the tall ceilings, open concept interior, and large, family-style tables, no guest was tucked away in a corner. Everyone present was included and felt like they were part of the action!

The ceremony was dreamy and intimate. The vibes were rustic and there was a huge emphasis on love and family. 

Their reception was lively! While every moment was filled with music and dancing, family remained the focal point of the entire day. Jennifer and Brad couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other. It was truly magic.

The Moment After The Moment

Instead of a first look, Jennifer and Brad did a first touch. It was so powerful and truly a uniquely magical moment.

I remember the air felt like it was charged with anticipation. It was clear that both of them were nervous. They were each jittery all morning. 

The moment Jennifer and Brad stood back-to-back, time stood still. The relief, affection, and wonder came flooding back. It was palpable! This sweet, private moment before the ceremony set the tone for the rest of the day.

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