Hannah & Tommy’s Engagement in Downtown Dallas


When They Met

Hannah and Tommy met through their best friends (a couple that met on a study abroad trip to Italy then started dating!) when they were brought together for a group date. They clicked right away, but weren’t in a place to start a relationship with one another. At the time, Tommy was about to graduate from Texas A&M University, and though they were into each other, the timing just wasn’t right. Instead they decided to stay friends.

Despite their decision, ignoring their connection proved to be impossible. Hannah and Tommy would meet for lunch on campus to spend time together. Eventually, they threw their original commitment to stay friends and went on an official first date!

The date was simple but unforgettable. They saw a movie then brought a hammock and bottle of wine to a park. Before they knew it, five hours had flown by filled with talk about their lives, dreams, and how they each saw the world.

That night, Tommy knew they would end up together.

The Proposal

Tommy invited Hannah for a trip to the arboretum and it ended up being one of the best days of their lives! He surprised her with a proposal and a fun-filled day to follow. They couldn’t stop smiling, not during their photos, or at their celebratory dinner, or at their house when their loved ones were waiting for them as one last surprise from her new fiancé. 

Hannah was so moved by the elaborate planning Tommy did to craft her dream proposal, especially because she’s the planner in their relationship. The detail that sealed the deal for their engagement was the custom ring Tommy had made just for her. Because of Hannah’s love for emerald rings and Tommy’s desire to go the traditional route, he designed a stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring meant for her and her alone. It was the cherry on top of the already perfect day!

The Engagement Shoot

The portraits captured perfectly captured the couple’s personality and affection for one another. It was heaps of fun because we were able to shoot at three different locations to give them plenty of backdrops and types of portraits to work with. The couple wore simple outfits so that the background of the image would dictate the feel of the portrait.

The first part of the shoot was at The Quarter Bar in downtown Dallas which was an interior setting that offered exposed brick and big, open windows for me to experiment with light and shadow. These photos had a bunch of character and looked as if the couple was caught doing something together during the middle of the day.

The second location we chose was in the Trolly in Downtown Dallas, which is a fun and unexpected spot to play with. The funniest part? We almost missed the trolly entirely! It was a fast-paced shoot, and once we made it on we all breathed a sigh of relief and shared a laugh together!

For our last stop, we selected the Crescent Hotel, which allowed us to take photos inside and outside as well. Using the architecture of the hotel made for portraits that were packed with personality. Allowing us to shoot outside at a different time of day—which gave us a different type of light—was a nice touch to end a great day.

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