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My Favorite Location

Winfrey Point, Best Dallas Engagement Photography Location

Where is the best Dallas engagement photography location? In my opinion, it’s Winfrey Point. This is my absolute favorite place to shoot engagement sessions. Trying to find an engagement photography location when you are just engaged can be daunting! I promise you that Winfrey Point, if you like an outdoor look, will not fail you. When taking engagement photos at Winfrey Point, the best part is that it is never crowded and we aren’t fighting other people out of our pictures…lol! This makes the session more relaxed and you can feel like being yourself.

The long grass, the beautiful big trees, and the sun that reflects off of the lake give your engagement pictures a warm feel. Because the background isn’t super detracting, your outfits can be a little more forgiving. I have a great resource for my booked couples for what to wear to your sessions! I can’t wait to show you my favorite two engagement sessions that I have done at Winfrey Point. Take a look and notice the golden sun flooding each picture.

Maggie + Clayton

Jennifer + Brad


I told you they were great, right? I mean, the sun hitting the tall grass gives the shoot such a romantic feel. If you are looking for the best Dallas photography location for your engagement shoot, this is your spot. There is so much potential here and I would be honored to be the one to catch the memories for you. Ready to book your engagement with me? You can head over to my website and send me a contact form!

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